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The Serpents of Bienville is an artist collective started in Southern Alabama by Amanda and Sean Herman. The project has grown from a study of southern mythology and folklore to include art, books, and merchandise available for purchase. The Serpents of Bienville is a celebration of the Southern Arts community and the people that carry on the tradition of creativity. Subscribe to our blog to hear about Alabama's history, oddities, lore and hidden treasures. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with new artists and projects in our community!





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School Spirits: Private Colleges (Part 2)

Emma Wilson

Most private schools in Alabama are small in size, but big in spirit; or should I say spirits. In a previous blog we already discussed the ghosts of Huntingdon, Spring Hill, and Montevallo.


The ghosts of Stillman College in Tuscaloosa are close to the very haunted University of Alabama. Stillman isn’t as haunted, but some say there is definitely an unseen presence. The most popular tale is the haunting of Hay Hall. The residence hall is supposedly haunted by a girl who used to live there. She haunts the second floor, while the third floor is haunted by unknown spirits. Strange noises, voices, and loud sounds can be heard without explanation. Many would say this is typical for a dormitory; the scary part is, no one lives on the third floor, and no one has for years.


Not far from Stillman is Samford University. Some say the Wright Center is haunted by a construction worker who died during construction of the building. His name was Cleophus, and he supposedly fell down the elevator shaft five floors, to his death. There is the usual paranormal activity of flickering lights, random chills in the air. Most professors claim Cleophus is just a tall tale, made up by students. There’s no real way to know for sure.


An almost unquestionable ghost roams Judson Women’s College in Marion, Alabama. The ghost of former professor Anne Kirtley has been seen in numerous spots on campus, including her namesake building. Her picture changes position around campus randomly, but administration assure it is moved in the spirit of things by staff.

Other hauntings on campus include room 313 of Kirtley Hall. Other buildings, such as Jewitt Hall are said to contain female spirits. There is one story of a girl spending the night in the skydome of Jewitt Hall. That night she heard someone calling her name. When she went to the window, there was a crowd of girls dressed in old fashioned clothing. She recognized some, but not others. The group was coercing the girl to lean further out the window, but she refused.

Another story of Jewitt Hall includes a rebellious graduating student. She wanted to break as many rules and traditions as she could in her final days at Judson. She and her friends snuck into the third floor of Jewitt. There they were met with a pale, hazy figure of a girl, telling them to get out. Needless to say, they ran.

Other random paranormal activity like cold spots, or unexplained marks on students have also been reported.

A much friendlier ghost is that of Papa Noll. “Mama” Noll lived as the Residence Director with her husband in Kirtley Hall for years. One day Papa Noll passed away from a heart attack in the dining room. It is said his spirit still lingers there. He can occasionally help you find your keys by placing them in plain sight as you’re searching.


If your college is haunted, or if you’re interested in us investigating a certain college, comment below or email us!