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The Serpents of Bienville is an artist collective started in Southern Alabama by Amanda and Sean Herman. The project has grown from a study of southern mythology and folklore to include art, books, and merchandise available for purchase. The Serpents of Bienville is a celebration of the Southern Arts community and the people that carry on the tradition of creativity. Subscribe to our blog to hear about Alabama's history, oddities, lore and hidden treasures. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with new artists and projects in our community!




Eccentric Excursions: Foodie Edition

Emma Wilson

It’s no question, the South has good food. I’m talking GOOD. Some of the best spots to grab some grub are hidden away from the everyday tourist. That’s why we made this nifty little list to help you find a possible new favorite restaurant! 

First on the list: The classic Southern cooking at the Roadkill Café in Elberta, Alabama. I am not implying roadkill is classic Southern food! They promise that despite the name, you won’t be eating anything found on the side of the road from earlier that week. The only warning we have is that if you’re an Auburn fan you might not love some of the décor! 


From roadkill to rattlesnakes. Rattlesnake Saloon is a neat saloon (yup, a real saloon) that’s tucked away in a cave near Tuscumbia, Alabama. This place gained its name when during construction, a rattlesnake den with a mother and her twelve little rattlers was found near the site. This “watering hole under the rock” has a very Western vibe, from the cowboys boots to the hitching post outside for your horse. The beer starts flowing at 5:00 every night. 

Caves aren’t the only eccentric setting to dine. Taqueria El Cazador offers authentic Mexican cuisine inside a renovated school bus! You can dine in the bus, located on Governors Drive in Huntsville, Alabama. Taqueria El Cazador also has brick-and-mortar locations in Huntsville, but what’s the fun in that? 


If caves and buses aren’t your thing, how about a former prison? At Main Street Café in Madision, Alabama has been renovated from being the third city hall of Madison, to being a delightful café! Two prison cells act as private dining areas. We can assure you the food is much better than typical prison food! 


Another neat dive is The Garage Café in Birmingham, Alabama. Enjoy craft beers and good times, all while surrounded by the antique treasures of founder, Jimmy Watson. Antiques are strewn about both inside and outside the bar. The sandwiches are said to be phenomenal. This hidden gem has earned titles such as one of “10 Bars Worth Flying For” from GQ Magazine, and one of the best bars in America, according to Esquire. Check it out for yourself!


If you’re into eating local, the name would imply that Locals Burgers in Fairhope, Alabama would be a good spot for you. Locals procures as many of their ingredients from nearby farmers as possible. The menu features the farmers’ names in most of the dishes. Even the cheese comes from local cheese makers! The bread is made fresh, and that makes all the difference between a good burger and a great burger. 


The sign of Gaines Ridge Dinner Club. 



Finally, if you don’t enjoy dining alone, how about some ghostly company? I can’t resist adding the reportedly haunted Gaines Ridge Dinner Club to this list of eccentric stops! Located in Camden, enjoy your famous Black Bottom Pie in an antebellum home built in the late 1820’s. A building that old is bound to have some supernatural guests. Occurrences such as female screams, with no woman in sight, have been reported. Another incident involved noises coming from the ladies’ restroom, only for no one to be found inside. 

You can read about the unique Derailed Diner in Robertsdale here


What are some of your favorite little known restaurants/diners/cafes? We want to hear from you! Also, if you’ve visited any of the spots listed above, tell us about your experience!