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The Serpents of Bienville is an artist collective started in Southern Alabama by Amanda and Sean Herman. The project has grown from a study of southern mythology and folklore to include art, books, and merchandise available for purchase. The Serpents of Bienville is a celebration of the Southern Arts community and the people that carry on the tradition of creativity. Subscribe to our blog to hear about Alabama's history, oddities, lore and hidden treasures. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with new artists and projects in our community!

Alabama Oddities Weekly Breakdown October 5th - October 11th




Alabama Oddities Weekly Breakdown October 5th - October 11th

Amanda Herman

We here at Serpents of Bienville have a lot of different projects currently running.  One project that we are particularly excited about is the Alabama Oddities pieces that Amanda is writing for our social media sites.  She is doing daily updates, bringing you a new story every morning, of something strange and odd from our Southern home.  Not everyone has social media, so we will be doing weekly rundown's of her stories, which we will be publishing every Sunday.  We hope you guys enjoy, and remember to follow us on our social media sites to get daily Alabama Oddities stories.  Enjoy

The Many Mysteries of Jack Cole Road (Monday October 5th)

Jack Cole Road in Blount County might be one of the strangest and darkest haunting a I've come across in Alabama. This road is unpaved and winds into dense southern wood, which already makes any skeptic uneasy. Records show that the death count on this one road is 68. Most people passed in a hospital, now long gone, from a cholera outbreak, but not all. A woman was found mummified in her home, later dubbed a witch and used as a scapegoat for other mysteries to come, a large half-man half-wolf is seen roaming the woodlines, rumored the witch's creature. A man was butchered with an axe and an innocent man was put to death for it. A man hung himself after telling his friends he feared what might happen to him because of strange sightings in and around his home. A photographer's death on the road is still unexplained. A woman was murdered at the end of the road. Details are not released on the death of the most recent victim on record, yet this year a woman was reported missing by her son. If anyone knows of this road or it's history, please send the info my way! I'm incredibly intrigued and would love delve deeper into all this strangeness. #theserpentsofbienvillecollection #haunting #mystery #halloween


Cat Man Roams The Gulf (Wednesday October 7th)

Amanda here to warn you about the Cat Man at the beach. Cat Man has been seen creeping and scavenging the primitive backwoods from Gulf Shores, the Gulf State Park, and Orange Beach, Alabama. The story I have gathered is this: the natives would set off on a great cat hunt each season. The medicine man would reinforce the spiritual and physical powers of the hunters with a powerful potion. One sip would bring the men closer in spirit to the feline creature they were stalking. Wanting so badly to prove himself, a young man stole this potion the evening prior to the hunt and chugged the bottle, unaware of its power, sealing his fate. The sun rose, and three young adults set off on their journey, but only two returned. The Cat Man is still known to roam the woods, feeding on small animals and stalking travelers. He has even been seen wrestling alligators. You can't make this stuff up, guys... Or can you?


Drish House Is Burning (Thursday October 8th)

Amanda here with the story of the ghost fires at Drish House. John Drish died in his beautiful Greek Revival home in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, during renovations in 1867. He was thought to be hallucinating, jumping out of bed and running right off the balcony, over the bannister and falling to meet his end. His body was displayed on the third story surrounded by a gratuitous amount of lit candles. His wife Sarah was driven insane dwelling over her love's death. She demanded her body be surrounded by the same candles and in the same position as John. But when death finally met her, family members could not find where she hid the candles, and her wish went unfulfilled. Apparently she is still quite upset about this, seeing as locals have called authorities numerous times over the years, witnessing a glow so strong from the third story, they swear the house is on fire. Sarah learned that if you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself... For all eternity.


Ruth Dorsey Is Still Missing (Friday October 9th)

Amanda here with the chilling but true disappearance of a lovely woman from Lee County. Ruth Dorsey lived in Opelika, Alabama and worked as a Sunday School teacher. She was a very independent and responsible individual, so folks became worried when she didn't show up to work on Sunday, August 17, 1974. When authorities and family arrived to her house to see if she was alright, they found her laundry hanging on the line, her side door wide open (family claimed this door was always locked), and her large breed dogs huddled and cowering in the bathroom. This was quite troubling to her family members, who had begged her to move into the city after her husband passed away two years back. When her nephew was headed home, he was chilled to find Ruth's car, driver's side door standing wide open, keys in the ignition, purse in the passenger's seat, cash still folded in her wallet. Her automobile was sitting in the downtown area directly in front of the first house her and her late husband lived as a married couple. Ruth Dorsey vanished without a trace. Lee county officials and federal authorities have never found one single piece of evidence to put Mrs. Dorsey and her family at peace.


The Children Sing of Death (Saturday October 10th)

Amanda here with a tale of ghost children in North Alabama that gives me the creeps! Locals around Walker Street in downtown Huntsville find it so common to hear footsteps join them on a stroll, have their shoulders tapped politely, hands pulled back while walking along the old town streets, but there is one ghostly salutation that no one can ever get used to. Chills run up their spines as the wind carries the whispers crawling up their necks. Children's disembodied voices begin to chant a melody: 

I had a little bird 

And its name was Enza

I opened up the window

And in flew Enza.

Influenza. There was a huge outbreak in 1918 when this jump rope rhyme was popular. Over 400 people died in Huntsville alone at the hand of this epidemic. It must be a nice place to live though. Those kids don't seem to want to ever leave. #theserpentsofbienville


The Secrets in the Walls (Sunday October 11th)

Places in the south seem to be so haunted at times, there's no need for fancy equipment to prove you are not alone. However, the sensitive few do exist that possess the ability to feel these spirits' presence on a very detailed level. A woman, whose identity was concealed in the fabulous Elizabeth Parker book, "Mobile Ghosts: The Waterline," was tricked by her mother into entering a darkly haunted house. Upon entrance, she felt the warm and motherly glow in the living area. As she progressed up the stairs, she became cold and afraid. In one of the bedrooms, she was taken by the throat by a spirit who she later learned was murdered in that very room. She felt overwhelmingly frightened and left immediately. The owners of the house asked her to return, for they did not feel comfortable not knowing who they were sharing their house with. She returned, went upstairs to a different bedroom, felt a great sorrow radiating from the corner of the room. She could tell that the quarters were previously a nursery, but could sense nothing more. During renovations, one of the nursery's four walls was knocked down, and out fell a diary. The book belonged to a young woman who was once a Catholic nun. She wrote about becoming pregnant and moving back home into the house with her parents, who hid her upstairs with her baby, shamed and alone, with only that book to share her woes with.