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Sacred Oath Series: Bienville's Sacred Oath

We Are The Serpents of Bienville

Fascinated with all things eerie and odd in the American South, we tell creepy stories and interview the creative folks that inspire us. From artists and authors to small business owners, we are learning from the individuals that dare to create their own path.

Sacred Oath Series: Bienville's Sacred Oath

Sean Herman


At the age of thirteen, Bienville set off from France to father North America's Gulf Coast, including every main port from Pensacola, Florida to New Orleans, Louisiana. If something could go wrong for him, he would have assured you that it did. In tattooing his entire body with the figures of serpents, did he tap into an ancient curse of this new land? In allowing himself to be marked by the natives of this coast, did he agree to an oath unspoken, aligning his fate with their own? Sean Herman takes you into the history and lore of this lesser known tale of Mobile, Alabama's founder. To read more tales like this, and to see the hand stippled art pieces created by Sean that correlate with the Sacred Oath Series, visit Huge thank you to Wes Kennison,, for our amazing intro and soundtrack.