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Interview with Rufus Ducote, Tommy the Tomato Eating Elephant

We Are The Serpents of Bienville

Fascinated with all things eerie and odd in the American South, we tell creepy stories and interview the creative folks that inspire us. From artists and authors to small business owners, we are learning from the individuals that dare to create their own path.

Interview with Rufus Ducote, Tommy the Tomato Eating Elephant

Sean Herman


Sean Herman sits down with the incredibly creative mind behind Tommy the Tomato Eating Elephant, Rufus Ducote. The way these two carry a conversation, you would think that they've known each other forever (it's no secret: they have). Tommy the Tomato Eating Elephant is the first book to be published through Serpents of Bienville, and we couldn't be more proud of all of the hard work and heart that Rufus has poured into this beloved character. To check out the book and share Tommy with the people you love, go here. To keep up with Tommy's adventures, follow him on Facebook!


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