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Massacre Island

“Early French explorers originally dubbed it Massacre Island for the mounds of sun-bleached bones that they found there. What they didn’t realize was that they had disturbed a sacred Native American burial ground that is rumored to be watched over by supernatural specters at night…”

"Original French explorers first dubbed Dauphin Island “Massacre Island” due to the mountain of sun-scorched bones that ominously welcomed their ships from the horizon.  The settlers believed that these bones belonged to actual giant natives, the new land and themselves being guarded by the supernatural that deemed them unwelcome.  In reality, with Dauphin Island being a barrier island (meaning it moves to protect the mainland from open water), the sands migrated, breaking open a native burial ground."

-Amanda Herman

"From the very beginning the myth of “Massacre Island” was shrouded in dark lore, turmoil and eventual destruction.  The island, now known as Dauphin Island, is a barrier island at the mouth of the Mobile Bay.  Being a barrier island, it’s ever changing, much to the avail of the people living on the island. Could that go hand and hand with the “curse” surrounding the discovery of “Massacre Island”, or “Isle of Bones?  First, let’s explore the history of this beautiful island in the Gulf of Mexico with white sandy beaches that protect the shore andthat go for miles into the sun set.  Stories surrounding the origins of the name, the inhabitants and the shores can be larger than life, seeming unbelievable.  Perhaps what truly may be unbelievable is the lessons learned from an island feared and loved by so many."

-Sean Herman

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