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Harbinger of Death

“For the Choctaw, the black panther steals souls, particularly the souls of those unprepared to die…Whether a harbinger of death…or as a symbol of the dark side of feminine nature, the black panther is both a symbol of death and rebirth…the nalushashito or soul-eater.”

"The legend of the Wampus Cat varies in each southern state, but we do know that there are documented sightings of a certain African big cat in Alabama to this day, with no physical evidence of it's presence left in her wake. Alabama legend holds that a native woman was fed up with being left behind to feel belittled as the men followed the medicine man up the mountain for their secret tribal meetings, so she defiantly disobeyed her orders, covered herself in the pelt of a large cat for warmth and disguise, and followed them to their meeting site. She let her guard down as her information gained from the eavesdropping became enthralling. She was caught, and the medicine man fused her skin with the cat she had chosen to protect her. It is fabled that hearing her cry nowadays will bring death to a loved one within the coming three days."

-Amanda Herman

"The Alabama wilderness has a way of becoming a black cloak at night fall.  The veil falling over your eyes, guiding your into a void of towering smoke stacks of pines, a thick fog floating at your feet.  These are the nights that any sound becomes ghosts, whispering in your eyes.  The ground at your feet opens wide, swallowing you into your grave, as a shrill scream echos in the distance, ringing in your ears as you fall to your inevitable end.  All that can be heard is the deafening shriek, echoing in your head, as the ground closes up around you.  The pine needles like teeth our a closing mouth.  The last bits of dirt are thrown over the hole by large black paws, with a mouth still billowing the cry that seals your fate, the cry the Wampus Cat, or the “Harbinger of Death”.  

-Sean Herman

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