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Our Growing Serpent Community

Sean Herman

The Serpents of Bienville project is continually growing and evolving as more of our community comes together in our love for our southern roots.  With the creation of,we have now established a new community, with a growing number of people willing to share their talents. 

                      Crowning at the May Day celebration, Daphne, AL 1918

                      Crowning at the May Day celebration, Daphne, AL 1918

My wife Amanda is now a contributing writer.  She will be doing a weekly blog showcasing strange stories and historical oddities from the Alabama region.  She is also doing daily updates on The Serpents of Bienville social media pages, with shorter versions of these stories.  They are awesome and engaging, make sure to check them out!  We will also be posting interviews with local authors, artists and musicians.  They will be talking about the influence growing up in the southern landscape has played on their creations.  They will also be sharing their favorite myths and stories from the places they call home.  Marla Stone is also working with us now, and has been spending the past few months getting Serpents established on all social media.  Thanks to her, you can now see our strange southern stories, vintage haunting pictures, and artwork on facebook, instagram, tumblr, pinterest, and twitter.  Thanks Marla!  Kyle Freeman has also joined us, contributing his creative hand in graphic design and by creating our website.  I am incredibly grateful to have his knowledgable input and unique approach.

We are working on a special blog series, starting the beginning of October, counting down to Halloween, so keep checking back with us!  New prints, shirts, and stickers will also be available for the Halloween season.  I want to thank you all for the continued support in wanting to take part in our story, and we are truly honored to be sharing in yours as well.  I am very excited about this ever growing project and seeing where this adventure will take us all.  We are The Serpents of Bienville.