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New Years Superstitions...




New Years Superstitions...

Amanda Herman

Happy New Years!  In celebrating New Years, I'll be sharing all the good luck and bad omens that may befall you and your loved ones on this grand day of superstition. 


First up, bring something into your house before taking something out, as a symbol of your finances either coming in or going out for the rest of the year. 

Summer 1936. Children of sharecropper Frank Tengle at their Hale County, Alabama, cabin. 35mm nitrate negative by Walker Evans. (



According to Southern lore, there is direct correlation between ghosts, dogs, and midnight. Anyone born at the stroke of midnight can see ghosts with ease. All dogs can see ghosts as well. Ghosts are more easily seen at midnight. If you are really itching to see one yourself, the superstition goes that at the very stroke of midnight, look between a dogs ears and you will see a ghost standing behind him.



It’s bad luck to leave clothes drying on the line on New Year's Eve. It's the physical representation of unfinished business at the end of the year. If you wash clothes on this day, you are washing someone out of your life. 



For all those about to ring in the new year with numerous libations, it is bad luck to stumble after the clock strikes midnight. It is superstitiously a reflection of the rest of your year. You've been warned, ya drunkards. 



 Apparently, it's bad luck for your first visitor of the New Year to be a woman. 



Don’t sweep today! Just leave the mess on the floor. Sweeping on New Years is to sweep away your fortune. Also, cutting broom straw today is a death omen. Just leave it be.